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April 13th.


From those that draw and those that write,
From those that animate and those that fight!!!,
From those that wear their cosplays proudly,
From those that liveblog and scrEAM LOUDLY,
From those that discuss and those that analyze,
From those that roleplay and those that criticize,
From those that insist everyone comes in pairs,
From those that program and those that compose,
From those that need something rammed up their nose,
From those that act and those that sing,
from those that cannot capitalize a god damned thing
From the shippers and the haters,
From the movers and the shakers,

From the undoubtedly undeniably unarguably bizzare,
And from me, though I have no idea what the fuck you are,

For bringing us together in every which way,


Have a happy fucking birthday.

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friendlyneighborhoodspidertits asked: Gah why does you loving Vriska so much, then saying she had a great death, piss me off so much? I dislike her death from every conceivable angle, and struggle to think of a way it is good other than “I wanted her out of the story”. It was stemmed around Terezi fucking up, and the only thing it punishes Vriska for is giving Terezi a chance to stab her, and it turns her entire arc into a complete waste of time. I can’t get attached to anything in Homestuck after that.




Alright! With the greatest respect, and I really don’t mean to be rude or flippant, I disagree with pretty much every word of this.

Good writers – and Hussie, whatever other problems anyone may have with him, is certainly a good writer – don’t generally kill characters ‘to get them out of the story’. That’s kind of a perplexing way of looking at what writing is. It seems to envisage the writer as a harassed playgroup supervisor, stuck with all these bratty little characters he can’t control running around bumping into his knees and being sick on things, and occasionally he has to push one quietly out of a window in order to retain his grip on the situation. Death, like sex, is a major narrative event. In the pond of narrative, it is a half-brick hurled with considerable force. You don’t (or shouldn’t)just deploy it as a space-saving mechanism. No major character in Homestuck, however ridiculous and seemingly throwaway their death scene – Eridan, Tavros – dies just because Hussie got fed up with them and couldn’t be bothered to write them any more.

Your comment that Vriska’s death ‘turns her entire arc into a complete waste of time’ is also a little puzzling. It suggests that possibly you saw Vriska’s arc as centring around ‘becoming the hero’. Vriska gets all the levels and all the luck and turns herself into a massive badass, but then she doesn’t get to fight Jack Noir and achieve her final glory, because Terezi shanks her. Is that kind of how it seems? If so, I’m afraid I do think you’ve pretty fundamentally misunderstood what Vriska was about, ever since her first appearance in the comic.

Vriska Serket is selfish. She wants to be the hero, just like John does, but her understanding of heroism is utterly different and badly flawed, because she sees it in terms of personal glory. She’s so desperate to be the one who eventually takes down the bad guy that she works against the good guys to ensure that he comes into existence. It’s not that she doesn’t care about her friends – her reaction to the deaths of Karkat and Terezi proves how she feels about that – but she’s blinded by her desire to be the 8est.

Mindfang got it, before the end

I understand my error. It was not in failing to chart a course through future events to turn my fortune’s tide, even so many sweeps from now. It was in 8elieving the future was mine to know, and fortune mine to control. If this hero is meant to 8reathe life into my em8ittered heart, and if he is to earn the right to run it through, then so 8e it.

Vriska fancies herself the master of her fate; she thinks that she has the luck, when in fact it’s the other way round. Her death is the perfect exposure of her error. She can’t resist beating the coin toss; can’t resist an excuse to demonstrate the way she can make probability dance to her tune. But in doing so, she hopelessly underestimates Terezi, and Terezi’s willingness to do anything to protect their friends. John Egbert, the Heir of Breath, could still have 8reathed life into her em8ittered heart, was even starting to do so; but Terezi Pyrope, the Seer of Mind, got there first.

Victory doesn’t matter in a reality where all else is doomed to fail. Vriska could never have grasped that fact: for her, victory was all that mattered. Does that mean Terezi was right to kill her? From the perspective of self-preservation, obviously yes. From a cosmic perspective, we don’t know. Because Homestuck actually contains an explicit visual mechanism for assessing whether certain decisions were right or wrong, and the second Vriska dies, it breaks. Her death coincides precisely with the collapse of the universe’s moral architecture. It’s one of Hussie’s most astonishing displays of narrative virtuosity. Any position on that clock would have been unsatisfying. If it had stopped in the middle, Vriska would have come straight back to life, and the whole thing would have been deeply anticlimactic. If it had stopped on Just, or even Heroic, we’d be getting a lecture: Vriska’s death was [Just] because she was a [Bad Person]. Well done, Terezi! Wag, wag, goes the authorial finger. But because Spades Slick is a clock-hating, destrutive asshole, we never know what the universe would have said.

That’s some good shit, right there.

SORRY PT I HAD TO REBLOG THIS IT’S SO GOOD. god i love vriska’s storyline.

 adfjkl This is really really really good.

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For asexuals, sex is like… a donut. When we see a donut, we do not have the urge to eat the donut. This does not necessarily mean we hate the donut, or think the donut is disgusting— many of us even like donuts. But we never have any urge to walk over there and eat it. Demisexuals will have the urge to eat the donut only if it’s their absolute favorite kind of donut in the whole world, and greysexuals sometimes will have the urge to get the donut, and sometimes not. Celibates are on diets.  (via ancient-amateur)


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